Tea Time with Bianca Valle


Whether due to her infectious smile, quirkiness, or fashion sense, you've probably come across Bianca Valle at some point during an Instagram session. Originally from the Southern California town of Coronado, Bianca moved to New York after being accepted to New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. A fashionista, it-girl, photographer, runner, health enthusiast, painter, and model, Bianca has landed numerous jobs and internships with companies ranging from NYLON TV and Milk Makeup (where she named the MMU highlight "LIT") to Refinery29 and VFILES. In other words, she rightfully earns the title of modern day Renaissance Woman. I met Bianca in October 2016 when I interviewed her for a former web-series I created and hosted called reign(a) on Mass Appeal TV. Welcoming me into her beautiful apartment with the warmest hug, we sat on the floor and painted side by side as we talked about art, being in Paris during the terrorist attacks, and our shared love of cashews. Hands down one of the most positive people I know--who always motivates me with her positive captions and skincare advice--Bianca is a force to be reckoned with. I chatted with her about the issue of labels, redefining beauty, and taking social media breaks.

Between the mirror selfies and shoots, what does a typical day-in-the-life-of-vbiancav look like?

I wake up and run! I try to run six miles, but if I can't, then I'll do four miles on certain days. Then, I love having coffee with oat milk or any other nut milk. Afterwards, I usually get dressed and head to my office, where I'll snack on fruit and nuts and work on my clients' asks. I am currently working as a PR manager at The Hours agency. When I'm done, I usually meet up with my boyfriend and we end up going out to dinner or attempt making something healthy at home. My routine is simple and sweet for now. 

Photo by Ana Ottum for Urban Outfitters

Photo by Ana Ottum for Urban Outfitters

A visual artist, fashionista, health enthusiast, and self-proclaimed "low key philosopher," do you find it difficult branding yourself as a multidimensional creative? What do you say when people try to define you?

Not at all. Being multi-faceted is life style that I have given myself as a gift. Why pigeonhole yourself into dedicating your existence to just one realm of many interest you? In terms of being defined, all I can say is that I am me. I have no definition: no one should. We are all transient and life comes in waves. “Definitions” come and go, but for now, I am a creative and I like that. 

Growing up in a suburban town of 23,000 people and now finding yourself one of downtown's it-girls, did you envision your life the way it is now?

Not at all. Five years ago, I wanted to work in film as an Art Director. Now, I'm an entrepreneur and PR manager. Life is full of twists and that’s what keeps it exciting. Change is opportunity. 

In one of your more recent posts documenting a trip to Mexico with your family, you opened up about the complexities of being a Mexican-American growing up in Southern California, and touched on your journey of self acceptance and the struggles that go along with it. 

I have always have a funny relationship with my heritage. As a young girl I hated being Mexican. But, after many years of learning more about my people, I love being Mexican. It took time though. 

We all go through a period of disliking some aspect of ourselves, so it's powerful once we are able to reconnect within and find that love. Somewhat related, from your hair and style to the skincare routines you lay out in your personal blog, you've become associated with all-things beauty. Though it's ever-changing, what does beauty mean to you?

Beauty is a hard word these days. Beauty is wellness and wellness is not only what you eat and put on your skin: it’s also the way that you speak and think. Being beautiful is being kind and gentle and understanding. Beauty has no definition, and we need to work hard to eliminate any standards that are currently set because who said that those were beautiful?

Photo of Bianca and wearing  Cariño hoops , her latest collaboration with  Alta Ora . Photo by  Courtney Yates

Photo of Bianca and wearing Cariño hoops, her latest collaboration with Alta Ora. Photo by Courtney Yates

Refocusing our attention to beauty's multiplicity is definitely a stride in the right direction. In relation to wellness, you're also a health enthusiast. Have you always led a healthy lifestyle? 

I have come a long way. Everybody is different, but I know for myself (after learning to listen to my body) that leading a healthy life yields the best results for me. I love to sleep, I love vegetables, I love water, I love running. That’s just me. Not everyone gravitates towards these things and that’s 100% okay.

Health is a topic that's even more important now as we live in both the IRL and URL. I think a lot of us have fallen victim to taking what we see on social media at face value, at least once or twice. What's your advice for those measuring their self worth against likes and comments?

Don’t do it. It’s a simple as that. Put the phone down and remind yourself that you are you, and if you want something at the end of the day, then reach out and grab it. 

Do you have a personal mantra that gets you through tough times?

Nothing is permanent, almost everything has a solution. Be good. 

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