Up Your Skin Game With These Supplements 


How many of you have those friends that, no matter what they eat or how much makeup they wear, their skin is still flawless? And then there’s you: who, if you’re stressed, are PMSing, or decide to indulge in some feel-good food, your skin becomes Breakout City. Sometimes it feels like no matter how much water we drink or fruit we eat, our skin remains inflamed or acne-prone. While I have clear skin, I do experience the occasional breakout. Despite sharing the common goal of leading healthy lifestyles, sometimes we just don’t get enough vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in the food we consume. Supplements, mixed with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, and taken over a period of time, are great for hair, skin, nails, and bodily functions. If you’re interested in learning about which supplements can help you increase your natural glow and reduce your acne, continue reading below!

Supplements for Your Skin Type

Hormonal Acne

You know, the breakouts on your chin that suddenly occur during PMS? These form due to the plunge in estrogen and cravings (usually for chocolate and ice cream, in my case). 

Maca Root: If your Instagram habits are anything like mine—meaning, you somehow end up saving tons of healthy recipes—then I’m sure you’ve come across maca. As a hormone regulator, maca root acts as an adaptogen, balance our endocrine systems and our stress levels at the same time. Maca root can be taken in a smoothie.

Vitamin B6/B12: A key vitamin known to help with stress and PMS.

Zinc: This powerhouse mineral reduces DHT (dihydrotestosterone), which clogs pores and increases inflammation.

Evening Primrose Oil: If you’ve got a case of cystic acne (aka, the excruciatingly painful kind), evening primrose oil is great. A source of Omega-6 and GLA, this oil relieves PMS symptoms and helps sooth and strengthen the skin. 

Stress Acne

It’s pretty difficult to find ourselves stress-free, especially in a time of family separation, Russia collusions, and the Black Mother Mortality Crisis, amongst other things. Stress is there—always there, and sadly, it’s inevitable. Excess stress affects not just your mind, but your skin as well. Stress increases cortisol, activating your adrenal glands which activate your sebaceous glands, causing your skin to produce more oil. In simpler terms: more oils --> more pimples --> more inflammation. This is why stress-management  is so important, which I will devote an entire post to in the near future. So, let’s inhale and exhale, and work toward managing it.

Antioxidant Enzymes: Antioxidant Enzymes help destroy excess free radicals, which are formed when oxygen within the body splits into single atoms with unpaired electrons. They work their way through the body to seeking out other electrons so they can become a pair, causing cell, protein, and DNA damage. These electron pairs are associated with diseases (like cancer, Parkinson's, and Alzheimer's), found in what we consume (fried foods, alcohol, tobacco smoke, air pollutants, and are basically the waste products of chemical processes. While free radicals are essential to life (the body's ability to turn air and food into chemical energy depends on free radicals), if they increase and the body is unable to regulate them accurately, oxidative stress ensues. Fr

Ashwagandha: This supplement is an adaptogen, which are basically herbs that are beneficial for the body. They simultaneously reduce stress and help us regulate our adrenal system. Ashwagandha contains withanolides, an organic antioxidant-filled steroid that limits skin inflammation.

Omega-3: Fish oil, yum! Healthy fish fats really do add to your glow. Try krill oil, which contains astaxanthin, a carotene that also acts as an antioxidant. Krill have tons of phospholipid content, which is a great aid in skin and hydration.

Djali Brown-Cepeda