About Djali

A Native New Yorker from Inwood/Washington Heights, djali is a writer, DJ, yoga instructor, and creative. A producer and host of reign(a), an original web series she created for Mass Appeal in the summer of '16 where she talks to female and female-identifying persons who challenge cookie-cutter definitions of feminism, reign(a) shines a light on the faces spearheading this change. Rather than playing into the ridiculous "trend that is feminism," reign(a) talks to the organically fly women who inspire, no because it's "cool," but because as inherently political beings, they are bored of existing solely in a man's world.        

A Nike Women's brand ambassador, djali received her certification from Sacred Sounds Yoga in 2014, and is developing her own brand of the practice focusing on flexibility. djali's flexibility-centered classes, accompanied by a neosoul and afrobeat playlist, reinforce the notion that through challenge, patience, and receptivity, anything is possible. 

In addition to Mass Appeal, djali has contributed to ROOKIE and Galore, and is a co-founder of SDA (Students Decolonizing Academia), a student organization born from the ashes of SDS, SNCC, the Young Lords, and the Chicano Movement, which strives for the decolonization and de-eurocentrization of the New School.